"Therapy is often a matter of flipping the first domino"

Milton H. Erickson​

We strongly believe in the healing power of psychotherapy.
We believe in you!

We believe that being a women is not easy! No matter how old you are or what your story is, we am here for you! No matter if you are  a new (or not so new) mama trying to balance motherhood, relationships, career and being a woman, a  young professional struggling with transitioning to adulthood, an emerging or an existing student navigating the independent life, or a beautiful person feeling anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, or lost in the chaos of current reality! We are here to listen to your story and to help you cope and navigate your struggles to live a more balanced life. We are here to empower you so you will start to believe in yourself and your potential! We are here for you!

During our work, we will provide you with the opportunity to be truly yourself. You will start a journey into a self – discovery and self – growth to discover your whole potential and bring the balance back to your life.

By getting to know you, we will help you to find the key to your unresolved struggles or underlying causes of your troubles. You will learn strategies and techniques that would ease your stress and help you to cope with every day life challenges and obstacles.

We believe that by helping you to understand the underlying causes of your struggles, you will be able to understand yourself better and to live a more enlivened life.

Taking care of everything on your own is not easy! Let’s do it together!


We use Cognitive-Behavioral, Mindfulness, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, and Positive Psychology fundamentals in our professional practice and believe that the most important aspects of the therapeutic relationship are compassion, mutual trust, and respect.

Individual therapy

Prenatal / Postpartum/ New Moms Counseling

College Students Counseling

Couples / Parents Counseling

Late Teens & Young Adults Counseling

Walk & Talk Therapy

Telehealth/Video/Audio Therapy