“Therapy is often a matter of flipping the first domino”
Milton H. Erickson​

I strongly believe in healing power of psychotherapy.

I believe that there are times when we need someone to vent to, to get advice, to cry to. We need someone who is not going to judge us, criticize us, or tell use to “get together” when we are not ready to do that. We need someone that we are going to trust and feel free to express ourselves the way we are. As your therapist, I will provide you with the opportunity to be truly yourself. I will support your journey into a self – discovery and self – growth so you will discover your whole potential and bring the balance back to your life.

By getting to know you, I will help you to find the key to your unresolved conflicts or underlying causes of your presenting problems, and teach you strategies that would ease your stress and help you to cope with every day life challenges and obstacles.

I believe that by helping you to understand the underlying causes of your struggles, I will help you to understand yourself better and to live a more enlivened life.

I want you to know that I treat every person as an individual human being with individual needs, wants, and characteristics. I create an atmosphere of trust, understanding, collaboration, and open communication. During our journey, I will bring passion and devotion to our work and adjust my skills and knowledge to your specific needs and wants.

“I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become” Carl Jung

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I use cognitive-behavioral fundamentals in my professional practice and believe
that the most important aspects of the therapeutic relationship are compassion, mutual trust, and respect.

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