A note to a parent was written by Janusz Korczak – Polish-Jewish educator, pedagogue, and children’s author. He devoted his whole life to work with children in the orphanage during very difficult times in our history. Through observation, education, love, and passion he created the principles of education of childcare.  This 20 sentences that your child could say to you, speak for itself and carry the powerful lesson behind raising a resilient, mindful, and loving child.

1) Do not spoil me. I know well that I should not have everything I demand. It’s just a test of strength on my part.

2) Do not be afraid of firmness. That’s what I need – a sense of security.

3) Do not underestimate my bad habits. Only you can help me fight the “bad”, while it is still possible.

4) Do not make a bigger child than I really am. This makes me adopt a stupidly adult attitude.

5) Do not correct me in front of other people, if it is not absolutely necessary. I care much more about what you say when we talk in private.

6) Do not protect me from the consequences. Sometimes it is good to learn painful and unpleasant things.

7) Do not tell me that the mistakes I make are a sin. It threatens my sense of value.

8) Do not worry too much when I say “I hate you.” You are not my enemy, but the fact that you have an advantage.

9) Do not pay too much attention to my minor misbehaviors. Sometimes I use them to attract your attention.

10) Do not tussle. Otherwise, I have to defend myself and become “deaf”.

11) Do not give me false promises. I feel terribly disappointed when you don’t keep your word.

12) Do not forget that it is still difficult for me to express my thoughts precisely. That’s why we do not always understand each other.

13) Do not check my honesty. Fear often makes me lie.

14) Do not be inconsistent. It makes me act irrationally and make me lose all my faith in you.

15) Do not reject me when I torment you with questions. It may soon turn out that instead of asking you for explanations, I will look for them somewhere else.

16) Do not tell me that my fears are stupid. They are simply there.

17) Do not portray that you don’t make mistakes. The truth about you would be unbearable in the future. Do not imagine that you will lose my authority when you apologize to me. For the honest game, I will thank you with love that you have not even dreamed about.

18) Do not forget that I love all kinds of experiments. It’s just my way of testing life, so close your eyes.

19) Do not be blind and accept that I grow. I know how hard it is to keep up with me in this gallop, but do what you can to make it happen.

20) Do not be afraid to love. Never.

I hope that reading it will help you to get inspired, motivated, and will encourage you to better yourself as a parents. I hope that you will become more aware of your little one’s needs and wants as a growing human being who tries to find his/her self- identity and sense of who they are. Parenting is not always easy but it is our job and responsibility to raise our children in faith, self-worth, and empowerment!