How to be more mindful during this Holiday season?


How to be more mindful during this Holiday season?

Holidays for many of us are times of happiness, joy, and love. For some, holidays may be overwhelming, stressful, anxiety provoking. Besides of getting ready for having 25 family members for a Christmas dinner, getting the “perfect” gifts for our love ones, or making the house to be spotless clean we also have deadlines at work, the end of the year finances, or work Holiday parties that take us away from what we believe is more important. Holiday time is also the time of the year when we think about the whole year and reevaluate what we did and didn’t do. It may be the time when we feel disappointed or discouraged.

In order to survive the Holidays and become more mindful during this happy but stressful time of the year, we need to learn how to focus on what’s important in the moment!

Here is my Holiday survival guide:

  1. Use time to self-care! Presents, dinner, family is important but the most important is to take care of yourself. If you don’t focus on yourself, you won’t be able to enjoy anything that you accomplished. Take a deep breath when your cake is not the way you wanted it to be, go for a walk with your kids, your dog, or by yourself and enjoy every single step you take. Focus on your surrounding, breath, and smile.
  2. Budget yourself. You don’t need to get the perfect gifts. You don’t even have to buy gifts if you feel that you can give something creative, something that means more than a nicely packed perfumes or a jewelry box. Give a gift of love: a dance lesson, a homemade cookie jar, a Bamboo plant, or a hand made scarf.
  3. Be yourself. Don’t try to be the perfect host, wife, daughter, employee or an entrepreneur. Be true to yourself. Be you. Even if that means that you are not going to have a 5 -dish dinner or a completed work load. Accept your imperfections and limitations and don’t try to too hard to be someone that you are not.
  4. The most important is to surround yourself with people who you love and enjoy to spend time with. Share the Holiday love and focus on the happiness that Holiday may bring. Be present and mindful of everything that goes on : the smell of the tree in your house, the baked gingerbread, the carolers singing and the bells ringing. Focus on love and peace and give yourself a chance to simply breath!
  5. Mamas, give yourself time just for “You.” Focus on what’s the most important this Holiday season: You and your little ones! Kids don’t care about the perfect meal, folded laundry, or endless baking. Make it about you and your kids, include them in your preparation, and enjoy with them what Holidays bring. Step aside, breath, and focus on things that give you joy.


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