What to do when we we don’t want to do anything?


What to do when we don’t want to do anything?

Many times we feel discouraged to do almost anything. Everything seems to be super hard and challenging. So we choose to do nothing and in return we feel even more discouraged and disappointed. The truth is though that every time we have no desire to do anything, doing something would actually help us to feel better. However, how are we supposed to do something when we don’t feel like it? In this case scenario we get trapped in a vicious cycle of searching for motivation. The reality is reversed: in order to increase our motivation, we  actually need to do something and the hardest part is to take the first step. 

The key to untangling your faulty thinking is to ask yourself what could you do, even if that would be the smallest task or activity. If the answer is that you could go for a 15 minute walk, go for a 10 minute walk, if you could clean the house, clean one room, if you could read books to your kids, read one book . The point is not to put too much pressure on yourself and set the bar too high. If your goal is going to be too challenging or too big, you will feel discouraged if you don’t achieve it,  your motivation will decrease even more and your negative thoughts will increase. Remember that your thoughts influence the way you feel and that your feelings influence the way you act and behave. 

Start small. Set realistic and achievable goals. Be nice to yourself and remember that even the smallest daily activity is the accomplishment that you need to praise yourself for. 

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