“I will do it tomorrow”


We all have said at least once: “I will do it tomorrow.” But..when is tomorrow?  We constantly postpone our decisions to clean the fridge, buy school supplies for our little one, search for a new job, walk a dog, go to a grocery store or ….start a blog. I have been in this spot many, many times.  Numerous of times I have said to myself that tomorrow I will finally do it: I will mobilize myself, create a new webpage, start to promote myself, and I will start to blog. That was years ago and for years I hadn’t done anything!  But today…. I created my first post! Yes, it took me so long… too long I should say…but as one of my favorite writes Antoine de Saint-Exupery said: “The time of action is now. It’a never too late to do something.” And so I started a blog about life, struggles, doubts, love, happiness, relationships, and you! Happy reading!

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