Mothers Support Group

New Mamas - Poster - Winter 2019

Mothers Support Group is designed for all moms to transition to the new role as a parent.  Even if you are not a first -time mom, you may struggle with common parenting obstacles and developmental challenges. Come and meet other moms, share your experiences while getting feedback, encouragement, support, and tools (print out handouts) that may help you in every day life with your toddler.

Sometimes we feel that we have all this together, that we have a plan to our postpartum life and then the life with the baby. Many of us may feel that our second child will be the same as the first one and that we already know what we are getting into. Well, the reality may be totally different. Kids are never the same, our pregnancy and then recovery may differ and another baby may add more stress to our already anxious every day life. If you struggle with adjustment to the new or re-new role as a parent, you have a right to talk about it without shame, guilt, and embarrassment. You have a right to struggle, cry, and ask for help. You have a right to take a moment for yourself and focus just on you!

This support group may be the right place for you! It may be your safe zone where you won’t feel judged or criticized. It will be the place where you will be able to freely express yourself and increase your sense of universality when other moms would share their stories…. so similar to yours! Join us and take the first step to self-care!

Bring your little ones as we will offer books and toys to play with. The group is FREE and will take place in RADNOR MEMORIAL LIBRARY.  (114 West Wayne Ave, 19087 Wayne, PA). The group will start on Monday, January 7th at 11:30am.

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