Tea and Talk


Tea and Talk is a new series of social groups designed for new and not so new moms who would love to connect with other local moms and their babies. Moms who join us will learn about the milestones and developmental changes and challenges of their babies, speak up about their worries, fears, and expectations of motherhood, will get feedback from other moms and learn how to manage the changes in their life in a more mindful and positive way!

This class is ideally suited for moms with babies up to 18 months, but older siblings are welcome to join! Moms are encouraged to  bring your yoga mats, blankets, toys, bottles, snacks, and everything else you need!

The group is held in Dancepsort Academy in a cooperation with Baby Born Community who provides variety of moms and babies classes around the Mainline (to check their full schedule of classes visit: https://www.bornwellcommunity.com/

We are going to meet every Tuesday at 9:45am. Here is the link to reserve your spot and sign up : https://www.bornwellcommunity.com/sign-up

Remember, it is very important to talk about your maternal struggles in a safe and non-judgmental environment where you don’t have to feel misunderstood or ashamed to speak up and talk about your fears, worries, or imperfections. I believe that through social support and connectedness with other moms, the sense of universality, and a mindful approach to every day life, you will be able to overcome our struggles and live more fulfilled and enlivened life.

I hope to see all Mainline moms!


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