Stop Saying Sorry

Stop saying sorry for feeling emotional, for being assertive, for not having time, for feeling exhausted, for saying no, for crying, for asking for help, for being overwhelmed, for suffering, for being vocal…. stop saying sorry for being you and who other people may expect you to be.

As moms and women many times we are expected to be strong, resilient, put together, happy…. we are expected to smile, to not complain, to run around, to be patient, to be … just perfect! —> I say NO to that! I am a woman and I am a mom and I will not pretend that days are not hard sometimes, that I want to smile, that I have energy, that I don’t feel overwhelmed, that I don’t need help.. I won’t hide my tears, I won’t apologize for complaining and I will ask for help, say no, and feel the way I want to feel! That’s who I am!

Once you realize that being authentic and yourself is actually making you feel free, try to refocus your attention and:

1. Stop worrying about things that you cannot control
2. Stop telling people what they want to hear
3. Stop explaining  yourself to everyone
4. Stop putting other people’s needs before your own
5. Stop keeping unhealthy relationships
6. Stop talking about other people
7. Start trying to be to be nicer to yourself
8. Start asking for help
9. Start saying No
10. Start accepting that its ok to not be ok